Dental Imaging Techniques

At Rockingham Dental Group - Exeter, our dentist uses a variety of different dental imaging tools and techniques to diagnose conditions and plan treatments. Whether it's a digital x-ray to examine the tooth roots or a 3D scan used to plan orthodontic treatment, you can feel confident that the advanced dental imaging tools used will ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and the most precise treatment possible. 

Digital X-Rays

One of the most frequently used dental imaging tools is the digital x-ray. Our dentist typically takes digital x-rays once a year at one of your biannual exams and cleanings to monitor the health of your tooth roots, jawbone and more. The high-quality images obtained through this x-ray allow our dentist diagnose infections, cracked tooth roots, impacted teeth, bone loss and more. Fortunately, modern x-rays are faster and safer than older technology. The digital format produces less radiation than traditional films, and the process takes just a few minutes to complete and our dentist can instantly view and analyze the results. 

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small video camera that takes an image of the outside of the gum or tooth. The intraoral camera resembles an oversized pen. While simultaneously viewing a monitor, the dentist inserts the camera into a patient's mouth and gently shifts it about so that images can be taken from a variety of angles. 

The intraoral camera is extremely helpful in diagnosing dental conditions such as tooth decay and cracked teeth and in educating the patient. Since the intraoral camera is used in tandem with a computer screen or television monitor, your dentist can easily show you, in real-time, if you have a fractured tooth or need gum disease treatment. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Time-savings that come with the intraoral camera are especially noticeable when your dentist needs to take several images at one time. Intraoral camera images are easy to re-take, print and duplicate. Printouts can be sent to dental insurance companies to strengthen claims. In fact, these images are so useful that some insurance companies now accept images via e-mail; the reduced paper trail cuts down on claim-processing time and is an environmentally friendly option as well.

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